The Employer Advisory Council of Orange County (EAC-OC) is an independent, non-profit organization with two major functions:

  1. Work to educate employers to deal with the employment related issues of today and tomorrow.  Provide low-cost and timely seminars on topics such as employment law, pending legislation and proper human resource practices.  Also, provide access to a Management Hotline where members can receive FREE personal assistance on their specific questions from an experienced employment law attorney.
  2. Partner with the California State Employment Development Department (EDD) to market its services and to promote regulations, policies and procedures that are business friendly.  This partnership allows our member employers to link directly with local EDD offices for needed services and for answers to their questions.

Our EAC is managed by a Board of Directors made up of volunteers from the Orange County business community.  We have also been assigned a local EDD staff person who assists with the operations of the EAC and provides information on EDD programs and services.

EAC Member Benefits


Top companies manage their human capital as strategically as their financial capital and bring their human resources leaders into the strategic decision-making process. EAC provides the tools for you to move beyond talent management and empower your organization to compete, grow, and thrive.


In the EAC Workshops, you will gain the foundational knowledge necessary to help your organization reduce costs, avoid potential lawsuits, and improve your ability to handle challenging HR issues. We provide low-cost, updated seminars reflecting changes in legislation and providing an overview of HR roles and responsibilities.

Important Updates

The EAC is on the mailing list of many prominent law firms and has received permission to share information it deems useful to its members on a regular basis. Members normally receive 20-30 updates on a variety of topics throughout the year.

Top Level Speakers

EAC speakers are selected from some of the top law firms in the area. Speakers are typically senior partners in their firms who have previously received high ratings in member evaluations. Outside experts are also often invited if special topics need to be addressed.

EDD Assistance

Because we work closely with our EDD partners, we are able to provide the latest changes in forms and procedures as they impact the state Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, Employment Tax information and Workforce Services branches. We are also able to put members in touch with appropriate EDD representatives from each branch to assist them in resolving issues that might develop.

HR Hotline

One of the many benefits of your EAC Membership is the use of the HR Hotline. The Hotline receives an average of 100 contacts each month. This services allows members to ask questions that can be quickly answered by phone or email. Your questions are usually answered within 24 hours.

Contact the EAC

P.O. Box 9575
Brea, CA 92822