May 1, 2024<br>New EEOC Workplace Harassment Guidance on LGBTQ+ Workers and More Takes Effect Immediately: 5 Key Takeaways for Employers

Updated Provided by Sheila M. Abron, Emily N. Litzinger, Jeffrey Shapiro Fisher Phillips May 1, 2024 Employers may need to update their harassment-prevention policies, procedures, and trainings now that the federal government released long-anticipated guidance on the topic. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s enforcement guidance on harassment Continue Reading

April 25, 2024
California’s Latest Mandate:
Workplace Violence Prevention Plan and Training

California’s Latest Mandate:Workplace Violence Prevention Plan and Training Update provided byMichael J. RossiterScott & Whitehead April 25, 2024 California just prescribed another big dose of employment regulations in the workplace, this time in the form of requiring virtually all California employers to implement a comprehensive Continue Reading